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15 Cool Free Software Programs you should have

I’ve always believed that best things in life come for free (lol). What about the best software?
There are many good people out there who think amazing software programs are not only for making money but also for making this world a better place. So, they share it as Open Source. And Here, in this post, I am listing 20 best and must have free software programs for your computer.
All these software are completely free to download and safe to use.

Dropbox is a free Cloud Storage service. Dropbox is a must for those people who always lose their USB drives.
It makes a special folder in your computer and whatever files and folders you save there can be accessed from any computer which is connected to internet. Not only that, those files are synced across all your portable devices like phones and tablets having android or iOS. When you sign up for dropbox you get 2GB of free storage which is enough for small Word, Excel or pdf files. You get more storage when you refer your friends to Dropbox. Students from universities can also get some extra free space. You can get Dropbox from here

When it comes to FTP( file-transfer-protocol ) program FileZilla is the most trusted name (If you have no idea about what FTP is please skip to the next software or go to Wikipedia). FileZilla is an open source software which can be used as FTP server or client. It has a very user friendly interface with drag and drop functions. The software is available for free for all major operating systems like Windows, MacOD and Linux. You can download FileZilla from here

Evernote is an amazing cloud based software which is great for so many things from taking notes to saving files, sounds, webpages and accessing them later on the same device or a different one. Evernote syncs your notes and other materials across all your devices. Writing and saving something in gmail draft is the old method. Use Evernote. Download it from here 
Easeus Partition Manager
This is a great tool for creating, formatting and managing Hard Disk Partitions. Whether it’s your new laptop with just a single partition or your external hard drive Easeus Partition Manager makes handling your storage device partitions a piece of cake. You can download Easeus Partition Manager from here